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Data — Fuel for our future

Here’s a mind-boggling fact, in the time, you took, to read this sentence, approximately 100,000 GB (100 Terabytes) of data has been generated worldwide. In just a snap of a finger, Internet expanded by 0.0001%. We are at 15YB annual data production rate and it’s estimated that in 2025, we will be at 175YB per annum. 

From the very beginning of Human civilization, even the Earth or more generally, the Universe itself, data has been generated. It is all around us. While the data beyond life is more abstract and closer to what only a physicist would understand, but we all can, undeniably, comprehend the importance of data in the formation of life. DNA (Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid), if I have to compare it to something, I would in a jiffy utter “A data center”. This “data center” contains the information that defines life, gives us our characteristic look and what not? Although our DNA is quite complex and large, we can store all the data in an average CD. Now the question arises, if a data …
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The AI fear — Extinction of human workforce

"The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race."  — Stephen Hawking [1]

The time when computers came into existence, people feared that it would take away their jobs. But the reality was completely opposite. It created more jobs and everything was back to its place. As the world moves on, our life should get better and better. Technology is progressing at a faster pace than we could ever think. Research and development work is helping mankind to eradicate many diseases. Many AI systems have been developed which surpasses humans in their own field. For example, it can predict brain tumor 21% more accurately than radiologist [2]. It is also said that AI will be mankind’s last invention [3]. And then there will be AI, inventing new systems for us. When it is self-aware, it’s going to take over humans completely. This is possible in next couple of decades. Research in AI is rapidly increasing and billions of dollars are poure…